Emergency Operation Center

The City of Avenal facilitates the coordination of emergency response efforts through its Emergency Operations Center (EOC), which is a central location of authority that allows for face-to-face coordination and decision making between City staff and outside organizations.

In an emergency, the City would activate its EOC to coordinate responses from various agencies, including the Kings County Sherrif's Department, Kings County Fire Department, American Red Cross, FEMA, and other mutual aid resources. Members of these agencies, along with City staff, would manage and respond to disasters of any kind.

The City Manager serves as the Emergency Services Director, or his/her designee, normally the Chief of Police. 

Preparing for Emergencies

  • To prepare for emergencies, the City does the following:
  • Conducts frequent staff training
  • Holds tabletop exercises
  • Participates in the annual Countywide disaster drill
  • Identifies resources to be used in emergencies
  • Tests coordination efforts with external organizations

These efforts are designed to help ensure that the City and our emergency responders are well trained and equipped to coordinate and respond to any emergency. 

About the Avenal EOC:

Opened October 27, 2017, the Avenal Emergency Operations Center is housed in the Ken Brown Public Safety Center, alongside the Avenal Police Department at 317 E. Alpine Street. The Avenal EOC is designed to be used as a shelter for victims and as a headquarters for disaster preparedness, planning and response in Avenal. The center was paid for by a $250,000 grant from the state, thanks in large part by then Assemblyman Rudy Salas.


2010 City Council, Police Dept. deads, and Rudy Salas cutting a ribbon to commemorate EOC opening.