Monthly Report

April 27th, 2023

Emphasizing Organizational Priorities

  1. Leadership Stability
    • Captain Lujan attended Executive Management Course
  2. Recruit and Retain the best
    • Captain Lujan and I attended Avenal POA meeting with City Manager
    • Scheduling a date to paint women’s locker room and hallway
  3. International Model of Community Trust
    • Spent time walking King Street
    • Captain Lujan and I attended Rotary meetings
    • Implemented Autism Awareness Patch
    • Met with Superintendent Pat Sanchez
    • Several officers and I attended Vocational Expo at Avenal High School
    • Attended COS “Entrée to Employment” event at COS Hanford
    • Working on dates for Spanish Residents Academy and August Block Party
  4. Amongst the safest cities in America
    1. Worked with CSO Morales and Sergeant Pelletier on Tobacco Grant implementation plan
    2. Officer Maguire and I communicated with Chevron regarding off-road vehicle complaints
    3. Coordinated with CrisCom regarding application for COPS Hiring Grant
  5. Embrace wellness amongst our employees
    1. Attended CPCA Executive Peer Support virtual training. 

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart outlining authority and role structure of the Avenal Police
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