Water Transmission Pipeline

The City of Avenal water supply is derived from State Water Project supplies via the California Aqueduct, and
conveyed to the City’s water storage tank located along Skyline Drive through existing water transmission
lines located east of SR 269. There are currently two lines, a 12-inch pipeline installed in 1971 and an 18-
inch pipeline installed in 1986. Joints within the existing 18-inch pipeline have increasingly been subject to
failure, resulting in frequent leaks and loss of water supply and pipeline pressure. The 12-inch pipeline
continues to function properly and is not in need of repair or subject to maintenance to the extent of the 18-
inch pipeline.

As part of existing maintenance practices, City of Avenal staff drive on existing roadways to inspect the
pipelines on a weekly basis. If City staff are alerted to a leak by Chevron employees (who routinely drive the
roadways along the pipeline alignment), or if an earthquake occurs, inspections may be more frequent.

Water received via the existing pipelines is used for municipal and irrigation purposes by the City. Per the US
Census Bureau, the City has a current population of 12,466 people (US Census Bureau 2016). It should be
noted that the City’s population estimate includes inmates associated with Avenal State Prison, which is
located within city limits.

Plans are underway to replace the vulnerable 18-inch pipeline, through grant funding from Proposition 1. Below please find the draft IS/MND.