Public Safety Commission

The Avenal City Council established the Public Safety Commission by Resolution in 2003.

The purpose of the Commission is "to review, advise and make recommendations to the City Council on community/public safety issues as directed by the City Council or as information is brought forth for review and consideration that pertains to public safety".

The Public Safety Commission consists of seven (7) members:

2    Citizens-at-Large (appointed by City Council)
1    Reef Sunset Unified School District Representative
1    Avenal District Hospital Representative
1    Fire Department Representative
1    Law Enforcement Representative
1    Avenal High School Student Representative (appointed by City Council)

Two (2) ex-officio, non-voting members:  one (1) City Council member and the City Manager.

Commission meets at a minimum of once per calendar year or more often as needed and/or required in order to fulfill its duties and responsibilities or as directed by the City Council.

An annual report of the Commission's activities is presented to the City Council at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Meeting location: City Hall, 919 Skyline Boulevard, Avenal, CA.