Planning Commission

2023 Commissioners - At Large

Tyler Naranjo

Amado Cervantes Vice Chairperson
Sergio Ramirez   Commissioner
Jose BarreraCommissioner

The Planning Commission is a body of citizens appointed by the City Council to serve as an advisory and authority decision maker on issues and polices relating to planning, land use regulation and community development.

California Planning and Zoning Law allows cities and counties to establish planning commissions and provide for planning, subdivision, and land use regulation. A City Council choosing not to establish a Planning Commission would serve as the Planning Commission instead. Each city or county establishing a Planning Commission shall pass an ordinance that defines its duties and scope, and which may identify the number of members, their qualifications, how vacancies are filled, the frequency of regular meetings, who serves as their staff, and general operating procedures. 


The City of Avenal Planning Commission was established by City Ordinance No. 80-6 on March 27, 1980 under Title 2, Chapter 3, Article 1 of the Municipal Code of Ordinances. 

The Commission consists of five (5) members each appointed by the each member of the City Council on a rotating basis as per Avenal Municipal Code.  Each member of the Commission is accountable to the member of the City Council who appointed him/her and reports and answer to said City Council member.

Term of Office

Each member of the Planning Commission shall be appointed for a term of four (4) years.

Meeting Time and Location

The Planning Commission meets on the first Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m., Avenal Theater & Event Center, 233 E. Kings Street, Avenal, CA.

Planning Commission By laws

The City Council of of the City of Avenal Adopted the Bylaws to the planning Commission on January 27, 2022 through Resolution No. 2022-07. 

 - Planning Commission By Laws

Vacancies - 

There is currently one (1) vacancy on the Planning Commission.

If you are interested in becoming a Planning Commissioner in the future, please submit a Board Application Form.

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