Special Assignments

Avenal Police Department Special Assignments consists of several specialized units. These units are trained to deal with specific types of criminal activity:

  • Specialized Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)
  • Kings County Gang Task Force
  • Juvenile Services
  • Detectives
For more information regarding Special Assignments, please contact the Avenal Police Department at 559-386-4444.

Specialized Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)
The Special Weapons and Tactics team consists of highly trained personnel capable of responding to and handling barricaded suspects, hostage situations, riots, dignitary security, and high risk warrant service, as well as the protection of lives and property.  Selection to the SWAT team is highly competitive and requires that each member maintain a high level of physical fitness, firearms proficiency, and tactical skills. The SWAT team is a specialized unit that continues to respond to extremely high-risk incidents that pose a tremendous threat to officers and/or citizens in danger.

Kings County Gang Task Force
The Kings County Gang Task force is a multi-agency unit, which is responsible for monitoring gang activity and investigating gang related incidents. In addition to gang surveillance and investigation, the unit also provides several community resources and outreach programs designed to prevent gangs and gang violence.  If you need to speak with the Avenal Gang Task Force Officer, contact Investigator Segura at 559-386-4444 X124.
Juvenile Services
Juvenile Services is responsible for investigating a wide range of offenses, from tracking down runaway juveniles to finding children who have skipped school. The Juvenile Services Detective may also have to investigate serious crimes that have been committed against children.  This unit also assists with outreach programs to help prevent crime involving juveniles. The Juvenile Services Detective may go to schools to deliver presentations regarding avoiding drug use and staying out of gangs. They also administer volunteer programs to get juveniles involved in their communities, such as the Avenal Police Department Explorers Program.  If you need need to speak with the Juvenile Services Detective, contact Officer Budzinski at 559-386-4444 X207.

The Detectives unit conducts investigations that are deemed to be long-term, highly complex, technical, or multi-jurisdictional. This unit is also responsible for identification, collection, and processing of forensic evidence in the field on complex criminal investigations. The unit also actively ensures compliance with regulatory mandates, such as sexual offender registration, arson registration, and firearms purchases.

Detectives receive training in contemporary investigative techniques, such as evidence processing, photography, fingerprint recognition, and advanced interview and interrogation techniques.  If you need to speak with the Detective, contact Detective Carr at 559-386-4444 X111.